5 Essential Home Security Points That Are Often Overlooked


When we think about home security we quite often think about locks, window locks, out houses and security lights but there are some aspects of home security that often get overlooked. Home security is not only about making sure you have insurance approved British Standard locks, it’s also about security within your home. We have put together a list of the 5 most overlooked home security points.


Identity & Personal Documentation

One of the most overlooked points when it comes to home security is making sure your personal documents and identity documents are in a safe and secure place in the event of a burglary. Things such as birth certificates, passports, tax documentation, utilities bills, and other types of sensitive documents can be very valuable to some burglars and can results in identity fraud and money laundering and theft. With documents like these burglars can not only steal your identity but apply for credit in your name which in turn can leave you with a negative credit rating.


Jewelry & Personal Sentimental Possessions

One of the main things a burglar looks for is jewelry, sentimental items and small items of great value like mobile phones, tablets etc. The best way you can protect these kinds of items is have a safe installed at your property. It’s always a good idea to make sure that the safe is installed in a discreet place that would not be immediately obvious to a burglar.


Power Tools

Power tools are always high on the target list of a would-be burglar, as they are expensive and can be traded in at most cash converters type outlets. Using either a UV pen to write you’re address on somewhere inconspicuous on each item or use a tool to engrave your address and name on them, so they are easier to identity by police if they are found. There are some security solutions like SmartWater who will create a unique traceable liquid registered to yourself that you can cover your tools with to help further track them down if they are stolen.


Medication and Tablets

Another target for burglars when they enter a property is medication things like prescription pain killers and antidepressants that can be taken recreationally. Make sure your medications are all locked away securely and out of reach of children.


Pin Numbers, Passwords and Other Security Information

We all know the pains of having a thousand password and a thousand pin numbers for a thousand different sites and banks and it’s easier for some people to have them all written down in one place. The problem with that of course is if someone manages to steal your credit or bank card and your log in information it is usually pretty quick that you will vast amounts of money disappear from your accounts. If you feel you need to write down all your passwords and pins then make sure you don’t store them all in one place or in one book, as this is the jackpot for some burglars.


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