child lock your keys in car

Can your child lock your keys in the car?

Answer is. Yes they can !

We get numerous calls a month with a situation leading to 247 locksmiths Leeds getting called out to a very upsetting and stressful situation!

How is this possible?

Keys are locked in the car by the child themselves. Normally when this situation happens is when the parent gives the child their keys to play with as they are loading up the car with the shopping bags etc after finishing shopping at the supermarket.

Children seem to really enjoy playing around with keys… but disaster can happen very quickly.

Once the lock button is pressed by the child, the car becomes a very frightening piece of metal with no way of getting back inside 

It seems to be no matter how hard you explain to your child to press the unlock button: They’re not going to grasp the importance of this problem.

We have seen this on countless occasions, the child thinks it’s extremely funny as you’re trying to talk them through it looking through the car window in complete frustration and horror; especially in the summer months.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, 247Locksmiths in Leeds will quickly come out and pick up the door lock without any damage to your vehicle and you can then go about your busy day after giving your child a big hug.