Door Lock Snapping Headingley, Leeds & West Yorkshire

Lock snapping has become the preferred method of burglary attacks inWest Yorkshire including Leeds and the surrounding areas.

What is ‘Lock Snapping’?

The principle of lock snapping is very simple. Apply some force to a Euro cylinder (which most homes unknowingly have in their doors), and it will snap at the fixing point. Once snapped, the burglar has access to the entire multi-point door, controlling all of the bolts and hooks and latches that secured your door, within a few seconds. Thieves are taking advantage of this entry technique and many do this to gain access to your car keys.

Lock manufacturers have now developed a series of Anti-snap Euro cylinders and 24/7 Local locks supply and fit these for your safety and security.

Door Lock Snapping Headingley

Avoid Door Lock Snapping in Headingey!

Use 24/7 Locksmiths in Headingley

UPVC doors and windows keep your home safe and warm but if you experience any problems with the lock, please do not start to force them open or closed as the door locks could break if forced. Sometimes your UPVC door will start to slip down causing the lock to stick or not fully engage. This means that the hooks or bolts trying to engage the lock are catching the inner frame and cannot lock. You do not need a new door!!  Just call 24/7 Local locks Leeds and we will fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

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