Securing your home

Here are some ways to secure your home, whether you have just moved in, or have called it home for many years.

It’s surprising how many new owners do not change the locks on external doors when moving in to a new property. The previous occupants will have provided you with a set of keys, but do you know if these are the only keys to your property?
Often keys are given to tradesmen, house sitters, dog walkers etc. All these keys mean that anyone can gain entry to your new home using non destructive measures. If the worst happened and you were burgled, your home insurance may be invalid as you didn’t make sure that the locks were changed.
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Does your front door have a letter box? Opportunist thieves can fish the keys through the letterbox. Do not leave your keys in the door or in open view of the letterbox.
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When you are unfortunate enough to find yourself locked out, you need an experienced locksmith like 24/7 locksmiths to help get you back in your home quickly and safely.
Non destructive entry, is gaining entry back into your home using lock picking techniques gained over years of training.
The truth is that there will be times on occasion when even the most experienced locksmith such as myself will have to use a destructive method such as drilling or forcing the lock.It all depends on the type, age and brand of the particular lock, but it is rare to use these methods of gaining entry, they really are a last resort.

At the end of the day I will always try a non destructive method of gaining entry.

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