June Blog

Burglary by Blowtorch!

There have been a spate of break-ins in Leeds/West Yorkshire by burglars using a blow torch. Police say the technique is becoming increasingly common, as thieves come up with new and unusual ways to break into properties.

Criminals are targeting homes with Upvc doors, melting the plastic around the lock to gain entry into the property. The blow torch burns through the door which allows them to then bend, snap or remove the lock and gain access into the property.

This type of crime in Leeds is becoming more frequent which means that there is no better time to upgrade your locks and keep your home safe. 247 Locksmiths have been to many properties where this technique has been used by the burglar and it is devastating for the homeowner.

Please watch the following video on how 247 locksmiths can prevent this from happening to you and your home:

You can see from the video results that our Mul-T-lock cylinder cannot be manipulated by even a blow torch, so your home will remain safe.The new Mul-T-Lock 3DS that 247 locksmiths supply and install come with a huge 10 year manufacturers guarantee. This is how confident they (and we) are that this lock will withstand almost anything

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