1. Door and window security

247 Locksmiths Leeds will give your home a free security review, which can include garage doors, making sure they all have the safest and most secure locks.
Incorrectly fitted locks can lead to lock snapping and will probably not meet your insurance requirements
247 Locksmiths leeds can supply and install Anti-snap locks to make your home secure

2. Sash Jammers

The advantages of a sash jammer is that it can stop a door or window from being opened. 247 Locksmiths Leeds can supply and fit these for you

3. Front and back door sensor lighting

Dusk to dawn or sensor lighting to the front and back of your home can deter potential thieves and help you gain entry to your door in the dark. 247 Locksmiths Leeds can supply and install these professionally for you.

4. Security alarms and/or CCTV

Alarms and CCTV can be very effective but you need to change the code regularly to gain maximum benefit. 247 Locksmiths Leeds can supply and install alarms and/or CCTV to secure your home

5. Home Security Safes

Home safes are becoming increasingly popular and you may want to consider one for your valuables. 247 Locksmiths Leeds will advise you on the rating of the safe you need and can supply and install them as well

6. House Keys

While 247 Locksmiths Leeds are reviewing your home security, they will ask you to consider when your keys were last replaced. Do owners or past tenants still have access to your home? Has anyone made copies of your keys without your knowledge?
Consider having your locks keyed alike, which means that you only have one key for your front and back door locks. 247 Locksmiths can change your locks and fit a patented system, whereby keys can only be copied by ourselves with proof of ownership

By calling 247 Locksmiths Leeds and having a FREE home security review, we can secure your home and help you to sleep safely at night.